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Proceedings of the XXXth International online conference Research for Furniture Industry 22–23 September 2022 Poznań, Poland

Sposób cytowania
Sydor, M., Majewski, A., Ulaşan, H. (red.). (2023). Proceedings of the XXXth International online conference Research for Furniture Industry 22–23 September 2022 Poznań, Poland. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.17306/mk.978-83-67112-51-2

The XXXth International Conference Research for Furniture Industry was held with the cooperation of Poznan University of Life Sciences-Faculty of Wood Technology, Department of Furniture Design and Gazi University-Technology Faculty, Wood Products Industrial Engineering Department on 22–23 September 2022, in Poznań, Poland.

Up to the XXVIth annual conferences were held in Poland. The XXVIIth Conference was organized at Gazi University in Ankara with the participation of valuable scientists from 12 different countries in 2015. The XXVIIIth Conference was organized in Poland. The XXIXth International Conference Research for Furniture Industry was organized in 2019 in Ankara and focused on rapid changes in design, production, and marketing strategies in the Furniture Industry. This event will unite all industrial sectors parallel to the developing and changing world.

The conference aimed to enable academics, industry representatives, and students to share their experiences/knowledge in the field of engineering, machinery, manufacturing, management, material science, restoration, and protection and upholstery to meet the increasing consumer demands by diversifying; user-oriented, efficient use of natural resources, environmentally friendly approach, CAD/CAM/CAE, construction, design management, eco-design, ergonomics and anthropometrics, furniture industry, furniture mechanics and so on. The exchange of information and ideas should lead to the formulation of new directions for research activities in such areas and therefore support the furniture industry. An essential aspect of the Conference is to teach and acquaint young scientists (students and Ph.D. students) with the theoretical, experimental, and simulation methods used to explore these systems.


Modus of elasticity and flexural behavior of glulam beams reinforced with steel mesh in different mesh openings
Hilal Ulaşan, Agron Bajraktari, Nihat Döngel, H. Özgür İmirzi, Cevdet Söğütlü

Investigating the usability of terrestrial animal and fish bones in the production of polymer composites
Erkan Avcı, Mehmet Acar, Hatice Hasanhocaoğlu Yapici, Latif Taşkaya

The effect of accelerated UV aging process on total color change after the varnishing process of 3D-printed wood composite material
Yasemin Öztürk, Veysel Öztürk, Erol Burdurlu

Mycelium material in interior design. Acceptance level amongst future users of new eco-aesthetics
Agata Bonenberg, Maciej Sydor, Beata Doczekalska, Grzegorz Cofta, Klaudia Grygorowicz-Kosakowska

Influence of SW-CNT on lignin-based nanofibrillated cellulose biofilms: chemical, thermal, thermo-mechanical,and morphological properties
Bayram Poyraz, Ayhan Tozluoğlu, Zeki Candan, Serkan Subaşi, Orhan Ozcelik

Considering lateral loads of multi-stapled and glued alder wood joints connected with two different gusset-plates
Samet Demirel, Gamze Kalayci

Current situation of the Turkish furniture industry, global crises, and opportunities
Sabit Tunçel, Koray Çalışkan, Zeki Candan

Machine selection for custom manufacturing in small-scale furniture businesses
Mehmet Özgür Kuşcuoğlu, Tuncer Dilik

Effective factors in the selection of furniture hardware and alternative approaches on preference priority
Uğur Kiliç, Tuncer Dilik

Recent developments and trends in furniture coatings
Mert Yildirim, Zeki Candan

Chitosan-based adhesive reinforced with pine resin
Mehmet Emin Ergun, Ertan Ozen, Nadir Yildirim, Berk Dalkilic

A study on hinges and cabinet doors
Sedanur Seker, E. Seda Erdinler, Y. Ziya Erdil

Nanotechnology in the furniture industry: applications and future perspectives
Mert Yildirim, Zeki Candan

Effect of nano material ratio on some physical properties of wood plastic nanocomposites
Alperen Kaymakci

The effect of screw and adhesive type on screw direct withdrawal resistance in plywood, particleboard and MDF
Emre Birinci

Structural analysis of a chair side frame connected with semi-rigid joints by slope-deflection method
Ersan Güray, Ali Kasal, Şeyma Aktürk, Tolga Kuşkun, Jerzy Smardzewski

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu
e-ISBN: 978-83-67112-51-2
DOI: https://doi.org/10.17306/mk.978-83-67112-51-2
Rok wydania: 2023
Wyd. I
Strony: 162
Wersja elektroniczna: pdf
Licencja: open access

Słowa kluczowe

meble, konstrukcje z drewna, tworzywa drzewne, kleje i lakiery, maszyny i narzędzia, technologie, ergonomia i funkcjonalność, ekologia, gospodarka cyrkularna


furniture, wooden structures, wood-based composites, adhesives and lacquers, machines and tools, technologies, ergonomics and functionality, ecology, and circular economy

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leśnictwo i technologia drewna, inne,
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